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    Erlu Ni / Samantha

    Erlu Ni (CN) Project leader, She is an interdisciplinary designer/artist and one of the initiators of the Eco-Vision Plan. She specializes in comprehensive design and visual design. Now she’s focusing on sustainable development goals, climate crisis, and other social and environmental issues.

    She is graduated from the Biological Art Design direction of the School of Design,CAFA. Her works won the nomination award of 2023 S+T+ARTS PRIZE and DIA (Design Intellligent Award) in China . Her works have been exhibited at the UABB(9th Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism Architecture), Future Unknown2.0 "Eco-Vision Plan - SHENG", Digital · Evolution China Design Intelligence Exhibition. Her articles have been published in Wallpaper volume, Art and Design magazines.


    Email: erlu_samantha@126.com

    Web: https://www.nierlu26.com

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    Ziyao Lin

    Ziyao Lin (CN) Her work is concerned with humanity and nature, the ethics of technology, women’s rights, and individual psychology. Her creative forms often include digital art, illustration, and installations.

    Graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts with a BA degree and graduated from Goldsmiths College, University of London with an MA degree.
    She has won the Aesthetica Magazine Aesthetic Art Award, Longlist Artist (2023).CIDEA Design Award, NewStar Award (2023). Shenzhen Global Design Competition, Bronze Award (2023). Designnova International Innovation Competition, Bronze Award (2022). Beijing Youth Design
    List, Top 10 Emerging Designers of the Year (2022) Asia New Generation Design Fair, 100 Emerging Designers of the Year (2022) Renovators Global Young Creators Programme, Top 100 Finalist Award(2020).


    Personal website:https://www.ziyaolin.net/

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    Songnan Guo / Sienna

    Songnan Guo (CN) is a spatial visual artist and an experience designer as well as a member of the Eco-Vision Plan. She is skilled in using video, image, and sound to create installations that focus on the spatial narrative and specializes in communicating with audiences positively through materials, media, and new technologies. Her works have won Gold Award of Asian New Generation Design Exhibition, Best Commercial Award of LVMH P&C Creative Competition, Best New Talent Award of Honor Talents Honor Global Design Awards. Her project was included in the book Graduate360 100 in 2022.


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    Shuyi Fan

    Shuyi Fan(CN) is a postgraduate student in Bioart and Design at the Central Academy of Fine Arts and a member of the Eco-Vision Plan. She is working on Bioart, ecological crisis, and system design. Her research focuses on how to reveal and explore the challenges of future social culture at the system level through speculative design. At the same time, due to her interest in nature and ecology, she continues to try to explore the new relationship between man and nature through design, challenges the systemic changes required in the context of ecological crisis, and establishes the interaction between the philosophy of science and art.

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    Eco-Vision Plan




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    Design School of CAFA (the Central Academy of Fine Art)


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    Eco Vision Plan - SHENG 

    Hyper-Dust Exhibited



    The Universities for Goal13 Award (China Section)

    Hyper-Dust was selected as finalist



    Gold Prize

    Asian New Generation Design Exhibition